What is this?

The Moto Attic is an online marketplace for buying, selling, or trading motorcycles and all the junk that goes with them. It's free to use. All you have to do is sign up. You choose how you want to be paid, and how you want to ship stuff (or not) – the platform is wide open. Cruise around and pick up a seatpan, some new bars & mirrors, an old dirtbike, whatever. Create a unique URL to sell the stuff you pick at swaps on the regular, and you’ve got an online webstore ... for free.

How it works

Sign up

Like everything else about using our service, it’s free. If you’re here to buy stuff, you’ve done all you need to do aside from clicking the buy button and making arrangements with the seller. Boom.

Wheel and Deal

If you’ve ever sold an item on other web services, you already know how this works. Snap your pics, create a listing, upload and wait for the cash to roll in. Choose how you want to get paid, using the same payment outlets you’re used to, or cash if you’re not shipping (yep, you can do local pickup if you want.) If you do allow shipping, we’ve got built-in shipping calculators to help make it easy and accurate.

Create a unique URL (e.g. themotoattic.com/your-name) and you've got your own webstore.

To provide additional security unlike other services, we let members interact with each other through our internal messaging system, keeping your personal contact information anonymous until you have come to an agreement on the terms of your sale/trade. No more spam emails.

Use the site (and spread the word)

The Moto Attic is only as useful as the stuff that’s listed here... so the more folks you know who have great stuff to sell, the better this will be. If you think something is broken, or could be better in some way, let us know. We welcome feedback.

The moto attic team

Created by a combination of moto enthusiasts and web nerds, we’re aiming to provide a platform packed with all the best technology out there that also meets the ACTUAL needs of the motorcycling community. Too often, we’ve found ourselves forced to use certain websites to buy and sell stuff that are either just plain awful, or so jammed full of other options not related to moto gear that it becomes more trouble than it’s worth. We got tired of complaining about it, and launched the Moto Attic.

If you’re looking to clear out your garage or start filling it up, we hope to be the online marketplace that helps you do it.